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Indicators of Social Impact in Architectural Design

Social Impact of Architectural Design

You can get a Malaysian Green Building Index (GBI) rating for developments that promote social inequality. Can sustainable building standards do better than this and if so, what would this look like? This article proposes six indicators of social impact from architectural design

My Sabbatical by Ian Hall

Arkitrek founder Ian Hall is on sabbatical.

2016 is the year of the Arkitrek Sabbatical and we’ll be publishing a series of articles by Arkitrekkers explaining what the sabbatical means to them. Arkitrek founder, Ian Hall, kicks us off.

Arkitrek 2015 Highlights

Highlights of 2015! Scroll down for some major Flashbacks!! Projects The finished building of the Tinangol Kindergarten early this year. Time Capsule designed by our intern Chris for the Sabah Forestry Department is complete! The Mantanani Groundwater research is completed and results show that the level of sustainable water and water in the reservoir is […]

Incredible Japan

Travel Journal Cover

Japan has always been known for its ever evolving modern infrastructures and also its well-preserved culture and traditions. Some time ago, our very own Arkitrekker Jason decided to go on a backpacking trip to the Land of the Rising Sun as a reward for a year’s of hard work.

Heart of Borneo (HOB) Exhibition Space

entrance perspective-edit

To promote the initiative of The Heart of Borneo, Sabah Forestry Headquarters converted what before was a pavilion to now be an exhibition area. Develop from a concept of a ‘city square’ the building are not just an exhibition area, but it is a showcase that make Sabah Forestry Headquarters proud of.