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Mt Kinabalu Melangkap Route

‘There’s a new route from Kampung Melangkap’ said Jasirin my mountain guide friend. My interest was piqued immediately ‘Have many people done it?’ I enquired ‘Yes lots’ he replied. I was deflated. ‘But only villagers’ he added. My imagination took off again and for some reason the word Melangkap got caught in the mesh of […]

Mengaris Tree

I was stripped down to my boxer shorts and with my bare hands was clawing great clods of mud out from under the wheel arch. Occasionally I would take a rest from cleaning and lie down in the shallow water to cool myself off. Even with the help of a second tow truck it had […]

Trekker Containment Solution

Andy Lo surveys the tree damage to Agathis Camp in Maliau Basin

As we were tucking into our dinner last night we were rudely interrupted by an extraordinarily loud crash. It scared the life out of Eda who immediately leapt into Jamil’s arms, thus confirming a point of gossip that Andy and I had been debating for some days. We continued munching our steamed fish for a few more moments before Andy voiced what I had been thinking.

Misty Rainforest Vibes

Maliau Basin misty rainforest vibes

In front of me the river is making it’s way over a small waterfall and behind me I can hear the girls carrying on in the kitchen as they prepare lunch. I am sitting next to a 1:50,000 scale relief model of the Maliau Basin Conservation area which is to be my home environment for the next three months.

Mt Kinabalu Eastern Ridge

My meeting with Prof Ho is documented at Arkitrek under the post of his name. Another fascinating thing for me about Prof. Ho is that he was a member of the 1964 Mt Kinabalu East Expedition during which Prof. E J H Corner of Cambridge University made the third ascent of Kotal’s Route to the […]