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SAFE Project Laboratory

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The SAFE laboratories have been in construction for a while, with delays caused by material deliveries and lorries getting stolen. Despite of all these obstacles the team keeps going, building to a high quality whenever they are able and filling their time by making improvements to the temporary camp. Below are a series of presentation […]

Xristina’s blog


“It is a whole ecosystem that you start to observe, sometimes having the guilty feeling of an invader, and sometimes having the exciting feeling of the luckiest spy ever.” Read more of this beautiful writing by Xristina Anatolli, inspired by her time working for Arkitrek on the SAFE project.

7 Lessons in (design/build) Architecture


By Thomas Henderson-Schwartz It has now been over a year since I first embarked upon the Design and Build of the bio-cultural heritage centre with the team Lewis and I had formed from Edinburgh University and Filzah. I spent a total of 8 months living in Kampung Buayan, which changed my outlook on not only […]

The SAFE Project Masterplan


The field centre for The SAFE Project- one of the world’s largest ecological experiments- is being designed by Arkitrek, following environment responsive design principles.

The Arkitrek Story

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The Arkitrek story is slightly different for each arkitrekker. At the recent Asia Pacific Eco Tourism Conference (APeco), Ian told his Arkitrek story, and we think it was the best telling yet. It went something like this…