The Social Objective

Arkitrek is a Social Enterprise and as such must have a Social Objective. Ours is:
“To Conserve Nature Through Design.”

In practical terms this means that we practice passive design and use locally produced natural building materials. Where these materials are not available we create the capacity to produce them. We measure our social impact both directly through the resources that our building designs consume and indirectly by how communities are engaged in construction projects.

Arkitrek provides architectural design services and educational design/build programmes. Sometimes we combine the two, allowing us to sustain small projects with high social gain. All projects, large and small, must meet our social objective. We don’t take on larger projects to cross-subsidise smaller, perhaps more social, projects. Arkitrek is about a holistic approach to building design, which brings long term benefits to both people and nature.

Further reading:
The Arkitrek Manifesto is a statement of our values written in 2011.
The Nitty Gritty on Social Enterprise is an article about our corporate structure and comment on social enterprise models.
The Arkitrek Principles of Sustainable Design are how we integrate our work with with our values.